Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set (Random Year, XF+)


Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set (Random Year, XF+)

Year Random Year
Mint Mark Varies
Purity .900
Manufacturer US Mint
Thickness 2.03 mm
Diameter 27 mm
Condition XF+
Face Value $10
Issuing Country United States
Obverse Designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Reverse Designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Edge Design Reeded
Series Liberty Eagle
CoA No
Capsule Size 27 mm
Packaging Type Varies
Metal Weight .48380 Troy Ounce
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Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set (Random Year, XF+)

From 1795 to 1933, the United States Mint issued the gold coin denominations known as the US Eagle. There were eventually four denominations available in this series known simply as the Quarter Eagle, Half Eagle, Eagle, and Double Eagle. The Eagle was the primary denomination and had a face value of $10 (USD). Now, Pre33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4Coin Sets are available to you for purchase online at Pacific Gold and Diamond.

Coin Highlights:

  • Coins arrive in protective plastic flips!
  • Possible date range for the Liberty Eagle is 1838 to 1907!
  • All coins in Extremely Fine or better condition!
  • Contains .48375 Troy oz of actual gold content per coin.
  • Issued individual face values of $10 (USD) by the United States.
  • Liberty on the obverse.
  • Heraldic eagle on the reverse.
  • Please note the reverse designs may match and conditions may match among the coins in this set. Date marks are chosen at random and could vary or match.

In 1838, the United States Mint introduced a redesigned $10 Gold Eagle Coin. The new artwork from Christian Gobrecht would feature on the coin for a longer period of time than any other design within the US Eagle Series. From 1838, this design combination would remain on the coins through 1907.

In fact, over the course of nearly 70 years in production, the Liberty Gold Eagle would undergo just one minor adjustment in its design. In 1866, the US Mint added the inscription of In God We Trust to any coins not already featuring the national motto. In the case of the Liberty Gold Eagle, this meant the addition of the national motto on the reverse above the design of the heraldic eagle.

Liberty features on the obverse side of Pre-33 Liberty Gold Eagles in this 4-Coin Set. This portrait of Liberty captures her head in left-profile relief with some of her hair up in a bun and a coronet crown on her head. The design field also includes 13 stars and a date mark.

For the reverse design of the Pre-33 $10 Liberty Eagle, the US Mint features heraldic eagle of the United States. This design puts the bald eagle in front-facing relief with the US national shield on its chest, olive branches and arrows in its talons, and a banner above that includes the national motto, but only on coins dated 1866-1907.

These Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coin Sets come with coins packaged in protective plastic flips. Each coin is in Extremely Fine-plus condition, indicating a specimen that has light wear present on the high points of the coin only. Additionally, some traces of mint luster may remain.

Please note, Omega Bullion does not guarantee the date marks on the coins you receive. These sets come with the potential for four different date marks or all matching date marks.

Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coi Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coi Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coi Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coi Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coi Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coi Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle 4-Coi


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