90% Silver Mercury Dimes For Sale ($100 FV, Circulated)


90% Silver Mercury Dimes For Sale ($100 FV, Circulated)

Year Random
Mint Mark Varies
Purity .900
Manufacturer US Mint
Thickness 1.35 mm
Diameter 17.9 mm
Denomination 100
Condition Circulated
Face Value 100
Issuing Country United States
Obverse Designer Adolph Weinman
Reverse Designer Adolph Weinman
Edge Design Reeded
Series 90% Mercurcy Dimes
CoA No
Packaging Type Resealable Bag
Metal Weight 71.5 Troy Ounces
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90% Silver Mercury Dimes For Sale ($100 FV, Circulated)

The Silver Mercury Dime is now available from Pacific Gold and Diamond in $100 face value bags. Each coin contains 90% silver, giving each bag approximately 71.5 troy ounces of pure silver. First released in 1916 as part of a campaign to improve the artwork of US currency, the Mercury or Winged Liberty Dime circulated as currency in the United States up until 1945. Today the Mercury Dime is among the most sought after coin designs by collectors and investors.

Proudly displayed on the front of each dime is Adolph Weinmans eponymous portrayal of Lady Liberty. For this stunning rendition, Weinman drew his inspiration from the mythological figure of Mercury, the messenger of the gods. He depicts Liberty in profile with a Phrygian cap covering her short curls. Protruding from the sides of her cap are the same signature wings which appear on Mercury’s helmet. Weinman’s Liberty offers a unique blend of both classical influences and modern American icons. Printed in the areas surrounding her profile are her name, along with the coin’s mintage year and the words, “In God We Trust.”

The reverse side of the dime features a fasces entwined by a series of olive branches. This emblem is meant to convey the sense of strength and peace that permeates the United States. It is accompanied by the phrase, “E Plusibus Unum,” to illustrate how the unity of this country is dependent on the sustaining of these two ideals. Also inscribed unto the reverse side of the coin are its country of issue and denomination, which appear in an arched heading both above and below the fasces, respectively.

90% Silver Mercury Dimes For Sale 90% Silver Mercury Dimes For Sale 90% Silver Mercury Dimes For Sale 90% Silver Mercury Dimes For Sale


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